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Benefits of Building Blocks

What are E-Blox®?

E-Blox® are not your ordinary building blocks. There are many benefits of building blocks; not only can they be used to build your creations, but they can also bring them to life! E-Blox® use our patented technology, which consists of tin-plated blocks (Power Blox™ line) or copper pins and sockets (Circuit Blox™ line) that connect to a battery block, powering the electrical component blocks. The plated blocks used in our Power Blox™ line allow you to seamlessly integrate electronic circuitry into your builds so there are no wires to bundle and hide. Soon you will be able to add motors, speakers, amplifiers, Bluetooth connectivity, and sound effects to your Power Blox™ sets, just to name a few.

How do they work?

Power BloxTM Line 

Think of the tin-plated blocks as ordinary wires used to deliver electricity to your lamp. The battery block contains a 9V battery, which powers the circuit and is a benefit of building blocks. When the plated blocks are connected to the battery terminals, and the LED blocks are connected in between, the electric current flows from the positive battery terminal, through the plated blocks and to the LED blocks, causing them to light up. The current continues to travel through the plated blocks to the negative battery terminal, completing the circuit.

Large Circuit
Circuit BloxTM Line

These blocks have a copper pin inside the top stud and socket underneath. When you stack one block on top of another, the pin on the bottom block plugs into the socket of the top block, allowing the electric current to flow from one block to the other. Just like the Power Blox line, the Circuit Blox bricks need to be connected in a circuit, which begins at the positive terminal of the battery block and ends at its negative terminal. When the circuit is complete, electric current flows from the three (3) “AA” batteries through the component blocks, causing them to either light, make sounds, or spin a fan, then continues its journey to the negative battery terminal.

Are they safe?

Power BloxTM Line

The current that flows through the plated blocks is very low, so there is no risk of electric shock when you touch them. Also, the blocks are plated with tin, which is the same metal used in canned foods. The battery block uses a patented short circuit protection design that limits the electric current to a very low level and sounds an alarm if a short circuit is detected. This keeps the battery from getting hot and potentially starting a fire or causing burns.

Circuit BloxTM Line

Similarly to the Power Blox line, the battery block in the Circuit Blox line uses the patented short circuit protection design, but instead of sounding an alarm, a red light blinks, indicating a short circuit is present.

Our E-Blox® have passed the rigorous SGS toy safety testing standards, so you can rest assured your E-Blox® are safe to use. Explore our website to learn more about the benefits of building blocks.

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