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James P. Seymour, PhD. was born on May 12, 1967, in Chicago, IL and received the B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E., and Ph. D. degrees from Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN in 1989, 1991 and 1994 respectively where his research focused on improved phase synchronization techniques for mobile communication systems.  In July of 1994, he joined AT&T Bell Laboratories in Whippany, NJ as a member of the technical staff for the network wireless Radio Performance and Analysis Group where his work focused on innovations for 2G wireless systems.  In 1999 he became Technical Manager of the Wireless Algorithms Development Group in the Advanced Technologies organization at Lucent Technologies where his work focused on design and development of state-of-the-art algorithms and performance for 3G systems.  In 2006 he received the Bell Labs Fellowship award for his outstanding and seminal contributions to wireless technology and standards spanning 2G, 3G and 4G systems.  In 2013, he joined the Cisco Mobility CTO team focused on 4G Evolution to 5G.  In 2013, he also worked part time as a VP at Elenco Electronics designing and developing educational toys.  In 2016, he became co-founder and VP for E-Blox, a family business focused on teaching the fundamentals of STEM, STEAM and STREAM through electronic construction toys.  He is currently working for E-Blox in Buffalo Grove, IL as CTO for new technology Research & Development.  Jim has 16 issued patents over his career where he has focused on taking new ideas in the wireless and educational toy industries from idea to prototype to commercial product.

Arthur F. Seymour was born on July 23, 1943, in Chicago, IL and received the Christian Brothers University in Memphis TN. He received his M.S.E.E., degree from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago while working in advanced research for Motorola Inc.  While in college he made his first patent application for what is known as caller ID today.  He started his career at Motorola and was one of the first engineers to incorporate integrated circuits in color television. He later managed a group of engineers at Zenith Radio Corporation. Art launched E-Blox Inc. after 44 years of being the President of Elenco Electronics Inc. Presently, he has more than a dozen patents with a few still pending. He was co-inventor of the product called the UnTangler which keeps business telephone cords from tangling and is sold in many stores today. He originally set up production for the UnTangler in Mexico then later moved production to China because of the larger demand. He has recently applied for a patent on how readers can edit a book even after it is printed. He has authored a five-star book called "The Great Awakening." that uses this technology. He loves a challenge and wants to show the critics that it can be done!

Joseph P Seymour was born on January 5th, 1974, in Elgin, IL, and earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.  He joined Elenco Electronics in July 1996 as the Vice President and Director of IT for Elenco Electronics, Inc., where he was responsible for the strategic direction of the company's information technology infrastructure and operations, and e-commerce initiatives. He also implemented and maintained the accounting and inventory control systems.  After more than 20 years at Elenco. In 2016 he became the co-founder and VP of E-Blox, a family business focused on teaching the fundamentals of STEM, STEAM and STREAM through electronic construction toys.  He is currently working for E-Blox in Buffalo Grove, IL as COO, tasked with overseeing and the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of E-Blox.

Brian P. Johnson was born on January 7, 1976, in Brookfield, WI, and earned his bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL. He joined Elenco Electronics in June of 1994 as a summer intern and quickly earned the position of graphic designer, bringing the graphics department into the digital age shortly thereafter. Utilizing his knowledge of AutoCAD, he was able to efficiently create assembly drawings for technical manuals and use his 3D modeling, rendering, and mechanical engineering capabilities to create datacom test equipment for 3M, Cooper Tools, and Amprobe. During his tenure at Elenco, Brian used his SolidWorks skills to design parts for National Instruments for use in their myDAQ curriculum and improve part designs for Elenco’s award-winning Snap Circuits line to enhance functionality and reduce costs. In March 2017, after nearly 23 years with Elenco, Brian moved on with the Seymours’ to their new endeavor, E-Blox, where as Senior Design Engineer he designs parts and products, creates PC board layouts, prototypes using a CNC machine, and handles the graphic design responsibilities. He also travels to trade and consumer shows around the country to facilitate sales, business development, and product demonstrations.

Mark Ditzig was born on June 18, 1961, in Waukegan, IL. Is married with 3 children and has been working in manufacturing for the better part of 30 years. He started out as a touring musician and as a carpenter building large homes in South Barrington in his early years. He then took a position working for Art Seymour at TPI producing the UnTangler for 7 years. He then took a position at AL-RO as Operating Owner for 22 years. Under Mark's supervision AL-RO manufactured products for Ford, Chrysler, Stryker Medical and others. Most of these products were made in China and imported to the various corporations mentioned. He has a deep understanding of machinery especially injection molding tools, coil winding equipment, vacuum forming machinery, lathes, and milling machines. While working at TPI and AL-RO he spent about 20 years in and out of Asia setting up manufacturing plants and has a solid grasp of the Chinese language. Mark also set up an injection molding facility in Illinois that did specific blending processes that made bird houses using recycled plastic and wood fiber. Mark runs the office in China from his home in Wisconsin. He has now teamed back up with Art Seymour and his sons as the manufacturing arm for E-Blox. He often calls China to get overnight answers on simple questions. He uses his office manager in China to inspect and control China production. He often helps with quality control in the United States and generates reports back to the factories in China. He has a good ear for music, plays the guitar and a good eye for detail and prototyping. Looking forward to helping you on your next product or idea!