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How to use this Curriculum

  • This Curriculum has 6 lessons that teach beginning electronics & circuits
    • It is recommended that the Lessons be taught in order. However, if taught out of order, then it is strongly recommended that:
      • Lesson 1 on Electricity & Circuits be taught first to get the basics of building circuits
      • Lesson 2 on Motors be taught before Lesson 4 on Sound
      • Lesson 3 on Light and Lesson 4 on Sound be taught before Lesson 6 on Telecommunication & Morse Code
    • This Curriculum can be viewed or presented in any of the following manners:
      • If viewing on PC with Windows PowerPoint
        • Click here to preview the PowerPoint version.  You will be able to print or download from the preview.  (E-Blox Circuit Blox-59 Student Guide 2-4 v3.pptx)
        • Once downloaded you can open with PowerPoint
        • Make sure to be in Slide Show mode when viewing/presenting
      • If viewing on Android, iOS or Chromebook device using Google Sheets
        • Click here for the Google Slides Format (E-Blox Circuit Blox-59 Student Guide 2-4 v3)
        • Make sure to hit Present or the Play Arrow ()
      • If no computer/device or internet is available
        • Lessons can be printed and handed out to students