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At E-Blox®, safety is our Number One priority. 

E-Blox® bricks and pieces are designed to maximize fun and learning for kids of all ages.

E-Blox® Inc. will be a leader in toy safety and battery-operated educational products. We take building block safety and kid toy safety very seriously. Construction materials from E-Blox® fulfill all national and international requirements governing such materials, as a minimum. In addition to fulfilling all regulatory requirements, E-Blox® products all meet the reasonable quality and safety expectations of consumers and educators, including habits of play and reasonable misuse.

All products manufactured for the US market fulfill the Code of Federal Regulation, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and ASTM F963 standard. In practice, this means that all E-Blox® materials must fulfill the most stringent regulatory requirements in the industry. Plastic products mostly use ABS plastic because it provides great stability over years of use. All plated products use Tin and are tested internally and by international labs to be free of all harmful materials.

E-Blox® battery holders all contain patented or patent-pending circuits that protect the batteries from harmful currents that can cause excessive heat and potential damage. A warning is displayed whenever a battery is abused in the form of a blinking red light or a high-pitched tone. At the same time the current is lowered by a unique circuit to protect the battery and prevent excessive heat.

Special instructions are included with products that use battery holders to make sure users are educated in the safety of building blocks. The instructions explain the proper use of these power sources and warnings against use of unapproved power sources. Products also come with all required warnings to protect small children from harm and minimum age suggestions are displayed on most packaging.

To further discuss the quality or building block safety of any E-Blox® product please contact us at:

Phone: 855-MYEBLOX (855-693-2569), Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm CST